About Us

Our Values


We collaborate with all the stakeholders in order to set learning goals.


We set learning goals that are relevant to our learners' language needs.


We measure learning regularly through performance on real-world tasks.


Our teaching objectives are aligned with our learners' language goals.


We discuss language performance openly with our learners and offer suggestions on how they can further improve their language skills




We use the Principled Communicative Approach to learning and Automatization in Communicative  Contexts of Essential Speech Segments (ACCESS). Here is a complete list of our teaching principles:

  • The Personal Significance Principle
  • The Controlled Practice Principle
  • The Frequent Repetition Principle
  • The Declarative Input Principle
  • The Focus-on-Form Principle
  • The Formulaic Language Principle
  • The Language Exposure Principle
  • The Focused Interaction Principle


Genel İngilizce Kursu


We work with qualified, experienced foreign teachers.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe in creating a positive learning environment and in promoting intellectual diversity. Our instructors act as facilitators of the learning process. They gradually release responsibility to the learners, who construct meaning by engaging in action.