Phrase Test: 2000 Words

This will test your knowledge of the first most used 2000 expressions in English. 

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1. Go on: It will go on.


2. I mean: Two, I mean three.


3. Deal with: I can deal with it.


4. Lead to: No one knows what it will lead to.


5. At least: At least it is warm.


6. Used to: I used to play soccer.


7. So that: He said it more loudly so that they could hear him.


8. Is likely to: He is likely to go.


9. At all: I don’t like it at all.


10. Is to: He is to speak this afternoon.


11. So far: It’s good so far.


12. To do with: It is to do with money.


13. Take over: They will take over the game.


14. In particular: I want a blue house, in particular.


15. As a result: As a result, it was done.


16. As soon as: I’ll go as soon as I can.


17. Carry out: It was carried out yesterday.


18. Be about to: I am about to read the newspaper.


19. Be expected to: We are expected to do it.


 İngilizce Öğren