Useful Academic Vocabulary

academic performance Exercising regularly boosts academic performance.
accept responsibility An individual needs to accept responsibility for his/her mistakes rather than blaming someone else.
acceptable behaviour Lying is not acceptable behaviour.
accurate information When filling out a form, a person needs to give accurate information about himself/herself.
achieve a goal Waking up early and making a schedule are two important steps in achieving your goals.
acquire knowledge Success in any career involves both working hard and acquiring all the relevant knowledge.
active role An individual needs to play an active role in society.
actively involved You need to be actively involved in learning in order to succeed.
additional resources Iron and Copper are the main resources of this country. Additional resources are gold and silver.
adverse effect This drug has multiple adverse effects.
affect the outcome Technology affected the outcome of World War II.
allocate resources / resource allocation Resource allocation is an important part of management.
alternative solution The government needs to find alternative solutions to common problems such as poverty and lack of education.
basic premise The basic premise of Alfred Einstein theory is that everything is relative.
bear resemblance to This object bears no resemblance to a bicycle.
broad range This market offers a broad range of locally-grown food.
careful analysis A careful analysis of an argument will help you see its weak points.
classic example Private takeover of a state company is a classic example of government mismanagement.
change dramatically This city has changed dramatically since the last time I was here.
collective action We need collective action to turn the economy around.
common assumption A common assumption among many people is that ignoring a problem will make it go away.
commonly referred to as Global warming is commonly referred to as climate change.
considerable amount Success requires spending a considerable amount of time on solving problems.
considerable evidence There is considerable evidence that the changes this company has undergone are positive.
critical approach One needs to take a critical approach to everything he or she reads online.
current technology Current technology does not allow man to fly to Mars.
currently available The technology humanity needs to move to Mars is not currently available.
distinguishing feature A distinguishing feature of this antique ring is that it does not have a precious stone.
easily understood The dynamics of the relationship between two people cannot be easily understood.
effective implementation There are many factors that influence effective implementation of government policies.
entirely different These are two entirely different approaches to the same problem.
equal treatment All candidates will be given equal treatment during the interview.
equally important Love and career are equally important to some people.
ethical consideration There are a few ethical considerations in death penalty.
exercise authority Parents who exercise proper authority over their children might be better treated by their offspring in their old age.
face discrimination Women still face discrimination at work.
face a challenge Everyone faces challenges in their professional lives.
fairly common Divorce is fairly common in this country.
fully understand Only parents can fully understand the challenges of child upbringing.
fundamental problem (with) The fundamental problem with this drug is that it loses its effects in the long run.
further evidence We need further evidence in order to create effective school curricula.
gain insight (into) This research helps doctors gain insight into diabetes.
gender stereotype “Men are better drivers than women” is a common gender stereotype.
reach a general consensus (on) We need to reach a general consensus on women’s issues in North America. There is growing consensus of opinion on gender issues in Europe.
have limitations Any theory has its limitations.
high standards We need to reach high standards of living in this city.
highly controversial Whether men are better cooks than women are is highly controversial.
human interaction Social media has a negative effect on human interaction.
holistic approach A holistic approach to treatment requires dealing both with physical and psychological ailments.
identify factors It is not easy to identify all the factors that contribute to success.
increase awareness Blogging can help increase awareness of public issues.
internet access There are still families that have no Internet access.
intrinsic value Everything in nature has intrinsic values.
largely determined Status is largely determined by the amount of money an individual has.
main characteristics What are the main characteristics of friendship?
major issue Lack of jobs is a major issue in a developing country.
make an impact Foreign investment will make a positive impact on the economy.
make an impression I always make a good first impression on people.
markedly different Pluto is markedly different from the Earth.
moral principle A country should be rules based on basic moral principles.
mutually exclusive These two arguments are mutually exclusive: you can’t agree with both.
negative outcome Wars always have negative outcomes.
newly acquired You need to keep practicing in order to maintain a newly acquired skill.
of paramount importance Meeting deadlines is of paramount importance in this job.
pivotal role Einstein’s theory played a pivotal role in modern Physics.
political stability Political stability is of paramount importance in the development of a country’s economy.
powerful influence Media have a powerful influence on people’s opinions.
powerful tool A smile is a powerful tool in human interaction.
practical significance The changes in the patient’s health are too small to have any practical significance.
preferential treatment over Influential people are given preferential treatment over .
primary objective Growth is our primary objective.
process information A human being cannot process too much information at a given time.
provide evidence The existence of water on Mars provides evidence of life.
radical change You need a radical change to radically improve your life.
rapid expansion Rapid economic expansion has negative effect on urbanization.
rapidly growing The population of Turkey is rapidly growing.
relatively stable The economy of Turkey is relatively stable.
relatively recent Her interest in Psychology is relatively recent.
relevant information A CV should only contain all the information that is relevant to a prospective employer.
serious consequence Unemployment has serious consequences on crime rates.
significant amount Educating children requires spending a significant amount of time interacting with them.
significant contribution Immigration has a significant contribution to a country’s economy.
significant number A significant number of people choose to spend their holidays in the countryside.
small minority A small minority of people believe that the Universe is conscious.
social circumstances It is social circumstances, not genes, that determine human behaviour.
strong tendency People have a strong tendency to judge the behaviour of their group members more favorably than the behaviour of members of other groups.
strong bond There is a strong bond between a mother and her child.
substantial evidence There is substantial evidence to prove this theory.
symbiotic relationship There is a symbiotic relationship between plants and animals.
take into consideration There are a few details to take into consideration when moving into a new house.
teaching strategy Experience helps an educator develop his or her own teaching strategy.
technical expertise You don’t need any technical expertise to use a computer.
traditional approach The traditional approach of financial management was profit maximization.
(face) unfair treatment Women don’t face unfair treatment at work anymore.
underlying cause The underlying cause of racism is ignorance.
unintended consequence Technology addiction is an unintended consequence of technological development.
vary considerably Salaries can vary considerably in the field of Psychology.
vast array There is a vast array of restaurants in this area.
virtually impossible It is virtually impossible to land a good job without a university degree.
vital importance Education is of vital importance to the development of an individual.
wide implications Government regulations have wide implications on people’s freedom.
widely accepted VISA is the most widely accepted credit card in the world.
win-win Everybody will benefit from this transaction: it’s a win-win situation.