Vocabulary Test 2: 1000 Words

There are 39 questions. Click “T” if a sentence is true. Click “N” if a sentence is not true.

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1. This one is little.



2. You can find these everywhere.


3. Some children call their mother Mama.


4. Show me the way to do it means ‘show me how to do it.’


5. This country is part of the world.


6. This can keep people away from your house. 



7. When something falls, it goes up.


8. Most children go to school at night.


9. It is easy for children to remain still.


10. One person can carry this.


11. A scene is part of a play.


12. People often think of their home, when they are away from it.


13. There is a mountain in every city.


14. Every month has the same number of days.


15. A chief is the youngest person in a group.


16. Blue is a colour.


17. You can use a pen to make marks on paper.


18. A family always has at least two people.


19. You can go by road from London to New York.


20. Silver costs a lot of money.


21. This is a hill.


22. This young person is a girl.


23. We can be sure that one day we will die.


24. A society is made up of people living together.


25. An example can help you understand.


26. Some books have pictures in them.


27. When some people attack other people, they try to hurt them.


28. When something is ancient, it is very big.


29. Big ships can sail up a stream.


30. It is good to keep a promise.


31. People often dream when they are sleeping.


32. This is a date – 10 o’clock.


33. When something is impossible, it is easy to do it.


34. Milk is blue.


35. A square has five sides.


36. Boats are made to travel on land.


37. Cars cannot pass each other on a wide road.


38. When you look at something closely, you can see the details.


39. This part is a handle.


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