Vocabulary Test 1: 1000 Words

There are 39 questions. Click “T” if a sentence is true. Click “N” if a sentence is not true.

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1. Two of these are little.


2. You must look when you want to find the way.


3. When someone says, ‘What are you called?’, you should say your name.


4. There are many ways to get money.


5. All the world is under water.


6. When you keep asking, you ask once.


7. Sometimes people die when they fall off a building.


8. Day follows night and night follows day.


9. Remain here means ‘stay’.


10. This is a person.


11. When there is a change of scene, we see a different place.


12. Often means ‘many times’.


13. This is a mountain.


14. Every month has a different name.


15. People follow the orders of a chief.


16. Green is a colour.


17. Dirty hands cannot make marks on glass.


18. You need at least five people to make a group.


19. Cars move on a road.


20. You can eat silver.


21. You can see more when you are on a hill.


22. Your child will be a girl or a boy.


23. When you are sure, you know you are right.


24. Each society has the same rules.


25. Three examples of food are: shops, homes, and markets.


26. This is a picture.


27. It is good to attack people.


28. Rome is an ancient city.


29. A stream is a small river.


30. When you promise something, you say you will really do it.


31. Dreams are about things that really happened.


32. When we give a date, we say the day, the month, and the year.


33. It is impossible to live for a long time without water.


34. Very young children drink milk.


35. This is a square.


36. This is a boat.


37. It is a short way from one side to the other side of a wide river.


38. A handle is part of our body.


39. A detail is a small piece of information.


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